Summer is a great time for a little speech therapy

summer speech therapy for your child creates confident happy kids

Are you interested in speech therapy for your child over the summer?

Located in Grandville, Michigan, we offer a fun and personalized 4-week program designed to boost articulation (speech) skills for kids ages 5-12. Each child will receive two weekly 30-minute sessions from a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. To determine if summer speech therapy is a good fit for your child, click here to access a simple google form. If you have questions, read on for more details.

Who is best suited for this program?

This program works great for kids who are already on an IEP for speech, or for kids who don’t have school-based services and have 1-3 sounds in need of remediation (for example, trouble saying the /R/ and /S/ sound correctly).

Does this work?

While I can’t guarantee success, lots of kids make excellent progress, and moved on as happier, confident speakers. To optimize success, I recommended this program to motivated families. This means you agree to help your child complete the fun and simple home exercises included in this program.

Why summer? Why now?

Because it’s summer, I want you to prioritize fun with your family! As a mom, I share that goal. That’s why I designed this program to be fun and engaging. The feedback I’ve received is that kids look forward to coming not only because its fun, but because they are able to talk better! Also, because I want kids to be successful, I’ve designed this program to be effective. We meet for eight sessions in four weeks. By upping the intensity, we can create real change in the brain, as kids are actively creating new speaking habits with the support of their families.

Remember that success starts with speech. The younger the child is, the easier it is to correct speech errors. Good communication skills means success in the classroom, as well as socially.

Sounds great! What’s the next step?

To determine if summer speech therapy is right for your child, complete this google application form.

I look forward to another beautiful Michigan summer and the opportunity to help your child grow their communication confidence 🙂

If you have any questions, reach out to me via my contact form or on my Facebook page.