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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will my child be working with?

All of our therapists are master's level, state licensed, and board certified. We occasionally have master's level students completing externships with us, but they will always be working directly under the supervision and direction of one of our therapists.

What to expect during evaluation and therapy sessions?

During the initial evaluation session, your child will undergo a comprehensive assessment to determine their speech and language abilities. This includes standardized tests, informal assessments, and observations. The speech therapist will gather information about your child’s medical history, developmental milestones, and any concerns you may have. Based on the evaluation, a personalized treatment plan will be created.

Therapy sessions typically involve interactive activities tailored to your child’s needs. These may include games, storytelling, play-based activities, and exercises designed to improve specific speech and language skills. The therapist will also provide regular updates on progress and may adjust the treatment plan as needed.

How often will my child be in speech therapy?

The frequency of speech therapy sessions depends on your child's individual needs and the severity of their speech or language issues. Typically, children attend therapy sessions once or twice a week. The duration of each session can vary, but it is commonly 30 to 60 minutes per session. Your therapist will recommend a schedule that best supports your child's progress.

How do we work on speech and language development at home?

Working on speech and language development at home is crucial for reinforcing the skills learned during therapy sessions. Your therapist will provide you with specific exercises and activities to practice at home. These may include:

- Reading together and discussing stories
- Playing interactive games that promote language use
- Practicing specific sounds or words in everyday conversations
- Using visual aids or apps recommended by your therapist

Consistency and positive reinforcement are key. Make these activities fun and part of your daily routine to encourage your child’s participation and progress.

Do you offer in-person or teletherapy services?

We offer both in-person and teletherapy services to accommodate your needs and preferences. In-person sessions are conducted at our clinic, providing a structured environment with access to various therapeutic tools and resources. Teletherapy sessions are conducted online, allowing for flexible scheduling and the convenience of receiving therapy from home. Both options are designed to provide effective and engaging speech therapy tailored to your child's needs.

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