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Getting started

We are here to answer your questions and help you get started with therapy! Call us today to schedule a free consultation.


See below for details about the evaluation process and our therapy style.


Speech pathologist

We offer free consultations via phone to speak with our Speech-Language Pathologist to discuss concerns, questions and needs in order to determine next steps.

Speech pathologist
Pediatric speech therapy parent consultation


Pediatric speech therapy parent consultation

Comprehensive evaluations typically last 1 hour and vary in pricing, depending on the areas assessed. You can expect a parent interview to review intake paperwork, standardized testing, and dynamic testing to determine both strengths and areas of need/ developmental gaps. A treatment plan is also included with personalized goals.


You will receive a written report of the assessment results, along with recommendations. We can fax this directly to your pediatrician, school, or any other providers who are part of your child's team, upon request.

Therapy sessions

Pediatric speech therapy session

Success is relationship-driven. When children are regulated (feel safe and happy), the are motivated to learn. We focus therapy goals on individual needs, using evidence-based practices.


We target optimal skill development which includes a holistic view of ensuring proper breathing, posture, speaking, oral habits, chewing and swallowing. We help kids communicate with confidence as well as eat a variety of foods without stress!


Our goal is to maximize opportunities to develop skills while making the session fun and engaging.


We also always include time to discuss progress and provide take-home materials and tips to support your child's goals at home.

Pediatric speech therapy session

Payment options

We are in-network with the following plans:

Aetna Blue Cross Blue Shield Metro Health Tricare
ASR Humana Priority Health

We are out of network for other insurances but can provide you with documentation to submit for reimbursement to your insurance company. *Patients are responsible for knowing their plan, benefits, visit limits and if applicable, co-pays. You can obtain this information by calling the phone number on your card.

We also accept HSA, FSA and credit card through our secure patient portal. Out-of-pocket medical expenses are a tax write-off.

Speech therapy for kids